Then we’re looking for someone like you. Whether you’re a registered club wanting to diversify or an existing restaurant or café wanting to expand, our readymade retail food brands may just be the perfect recipe for you.

Available brands

Grilled Skewers

A chargrilled meat lovers sensation for any occasion


Southern style BBQ and deep fried chicken creations


Gourmet burgers, sliders and sides for every desire

Tomato Base

The big red pizza and pasta dining experience

Gourmet Kebabs

A modern twist on the old middle eastern classic

Cuisine Pantry

A café, chef and produce store, watch it all happen

Café Brasilia

Stimulate your senses to the seductive aromas of Brasilia

Spice Collective

Aromatic and sensuous treasures that will excite

Private Wokshop

Street eats with your own personal wok show kitchen

Salad Addictions

Inspired salad creations fresh from the gardens

Rising Sushi

New world sushi motivated by old world charms

Tokyo Train

Traditional sushi creations with industrial landscapes

Baked Fillings

Delicious fillings, set in baked creations from around the globe

Tiger Wok

Innovative Asian cuisine fused with local traditions

Pizza Pantry

Fresh from mama’s pantry straight to the Woodfire oven

The Yoghurt Tub

Silky and swirly, the world just can’t get enough yoghurt

What we’re offering?

Building a successful food business empire is more than just a name. To assist in your transformation, we have teamed up with leading industry experts who have developed award winning systems and created the perfect tools to make your food business expansion easier, less stressful, and much more profitable.

Leaving no stone unturned, our team will guide you through every step of the process. We’re passionate about our work and dedicated to the success of your food business. Most importantly, we’re here for the long term. Not only do we ensure the success of your business today, we make sure that it continues to work tomorrow.

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We’re looking for organisations or individuals wanting to start their very own franchise model.

A franchise business model is an exciting method for dynamic growth, everywhere. Properly structured and well run it provides huge benefits and satisfaction to both you and your franchisees. That’s where we come in. We have a shared vision and focus on helping you identify and achieve your food business vision.

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About us

We’re revolutionising the way food businesses get setup for success.

We are an Australian retail food branding firm with a passion for building strong brands. Our people are creative thinkers, over-achievers, meticulous advisors and outstanding designers.

Our award winning team have established food business operations both locally and around the globe through robust structures that create sustainable hospitality success. As a result, businesses have experienced a significant reduction in challenges and enjoyed a substantial growth in quality of product and service as well as above market profitability.

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